WiFi Troubleshooting

WN Video 007 – WiFi Explorer Pro

In this video Matt from WiFi Ninjas takes you through the amazing piece of software from Adrian Granados – WiFi Explorer Pro.

Matt shows you how he has his WiFi Explorer Pro set up with his columns, what external WiFi devices/ adapters you can plug into WiFi Explorer Pro and much more!

You can download your copy of WiFi Explorer from Adrians new website: https://www.intuitibits.com

Matt referred to the Wireless Adjuster class from Devin Akin that he sat quite recently and learnt how to unlock and use even more features of WiFi Explorer Pro – we highly recommended this class. You can find out more about the Wireless Adjust class here: http://divdyn.com/wireless-adjuster-course-level-ii/

WN Video 004 – Ekahau Analyser

Matt shows you one of the WiFi tools he uses when on customer sites – the Ekahau analyser app on iOS.

This WiFi tool is great for on the go troubleshooting and spectrum analysis. You can find out more about Ekahau from here: https://www.ekahau.com

This video was made using Ecamm Live, you can find out more about Ecamm live from our referral link: https://www.ecamm.com/mac/ecammlive/?fp_ref=matt37

(you don’t get money off but we will get a small commission if you use our link)

WN Podcast 041 – Wireless Adjuster with Devin Akin

Welcome the latest WiFi Ninjas Podcast episode!

We have recently attended Devin’s virtual Wireless Adjuster class and absolutely loved it!

Content, delivery and technical depth are top notch. We both feel the WA bridges the gap between CWNA and CWAP perfectly and it is exactly what was needed on the market.

If you are worried that using ‘just’ WiFi analysers is ‘too easy’, worry not! This course is perfect for everyone on every level from CWNA to CWNE and beyond. Tips & tricks are so great, we are still excited about it even few weeks after attending the class.

We never imagined it was possible to use WiFi Explorer Pro or WinFi that efficiently and for so many scenarios.

Can’t recommend WA with Devin enough! We’re sure you’ll love it as much as we did. Every freaking second of it. Did we mention amazing labs? Arrrrggh, getting overexcited.

Listen to the show, with Devin as our very honoured guest, get pumped up and book your sit in the class. It’s worth it.

You can download WiFi Explorer Pro from clicking here


Tons of love x,

WiFi Ninjas