WN Blog 019 – Getting Started with Mist API

Let’s face the truth. We can’t avoid dev stuff in WiFi forever! REST API, Python, JSON, Ansible and whatever else is needed – here we come! It’s time. This is day 1 of our studies! The mission for today?...

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WN Blog 020 – Postman Variables

In our previous blog (please start there), we were typing in all the site IDs, WLAN IDs, API authentication tokens & Mist API HTTPS URL manually. It’s no fun, right? Since we’re likely to interact with Mist API using...

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WN Blog 021 – Getting Started with Python Coding

Hey! Welcome to our very first blog on our journey to learn some coding. I decided it was finally time to stop burying my head in the sand & to make a start with taking a dive into the...

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