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WN Podcast 065 – MAC Randomisation with Jim Palmer

MAC Randomisation in WiFi – how is it going to affect you? Listen to Jim Palmer sharing his expertise and experience about MAC randomisation and learn how to prepare your network for this change!

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WN Podcast 053 – OpenRoaming with Jerome Henry and Bart Brinckman

Hi everyone! How would you feel telling your grandkids that back in your time you had to select a WiFi network you wanted to connect to from the list, use unencrypted connection in public spaces or povide your personal...

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WN Blog 026 – 802.1x & EAP

Hey,  Welcome to our latest WiFi Ninjas Blog – this time we will be covering what is 802.1X & EAP!  802.1X is a Port Based Network Access Control, defining 3 roles: Supplicant (station, client device), Authenticator (AP or WLC)...

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WN Blog 017 – Cisco Catalyst 9800 – Local Web Auth Configuration Guide

Hey! Welcome to another one of our Cisco C9800 configuration blogs! This time we will be covering Local Web Authentication (LWA), where guest sessions are managed by the WLC itself. We can authenticate against RADIUS, TACACS, LDAP or local...

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WN Blog 012 – Can You Crack 802.1X WPA2-Enterprise Wireless Data?

One of our clients has recently approached me with concerns about their new WiFi network that we were planning to put in. They were coming from a wired-only environment and were not sure if introducing EAP-TLS based corporate wireless...

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WN Blog 009 – Cisco Catalyst 9800 – Guest MAB CWA ISE Config

Hey! Welcome to another one of our blogs on the configuration of the new series of WLC from Cisco the C9800! In this post, I want to go through with you an issue that I ran into when configuring...

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