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WN Podcast 058 – RFID RTLS with Litum

Did you think RFID RTLS is dead? It’s certainly not! Today we have a pleasure discussing RFID RTLS with Özgür Ülkü – co-founder of Litum – a global company specialising in UWB and RFID RTLS based in Turkey. Enjoy!

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WN Podcast 050 – UWB RTLS with WISER Systems

UWB is the accuracy, precision and responsiveness king in the emerging RTLS world. The market has a lot to offer already but don’t just take our word for it. See WISER Systems UWB in action and listen to our nerdy chat...

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WN Podcast 040 -WLA Pod-A-Thon UWB RTLS COVID-19 Fundraiser

Welcome the latest WiFi Ninjas Podcast episode! We have recently had a pleasure to participate in a crazy 13h COVID-19 Fundraiser Wireless LAN Association live stream delivered by our great friends from the WiFi industry. The target was to...

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WN Podcast 032 – UWB RTLS – Sewio with Petr Sedlacek and Jussi Kiviniemi

Welcome to our new WiFi Ninjas Podcast episode! Today we discuss Ultra Wide Band (UWB) and we are EXTREMELY excited! It was a total blast testing Sewio UWB and recording podcast about it. Petr (Sewio) and Jussi (Mist) have...

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WN Podcast 029 – RTLS with Bob Friday

Welcome to our new WiFi Ninjas Podcast episode! Today we discuss indoor RTLS with an industry legend Bob Friday. Enjoy! What friction / hurdles are stopping indoor location from becoming a must have Mist implementation of indoor RTLS using...

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WN Blog 023 – Indoor RTLS with WiFi and BLE – Deep Dive

Hey! Welcome to our latest WiFi Ninjas Blog 🙂 We’ve been busy lately testing some available RTLS solutions from a few different major wireless players and fell absolutely in love with the topic to the point, where we shake...

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WN Podcast 026 – RTLS – Part 2 – Real World Testing

Welcome to our new WiFi Ninjas Podcast episode! This is the continuation of the RTLS discussion, focusing on real-world tests and demos! Three things have changed since we recorded the podcast: We’ve confirmed that you can draw wayfinding paths...

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WN Podcast 025 – RTLS – Part 1 – The Theory

Welcome to our new WiFi Ninjas Podcast episode! Today we kick of the RTLS discussion, starting with a theory! We’ll cover how different technologies like WiFi or BLE can make RTLS work and what the RTLS really is. We’ll...

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WN Blog 008 – How to Change Cisco CMX GUI “admin” Password

Does this look familiar? Sometimes we forget a password, sometimes it’s set by someone else and they forgot it, left company or are just evil and won’t tell us 😉 Assuming you still have access to  SSH, VMware console...

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