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WN Blog 031 – Juniper Switch Managed via Mist Dash – Basics & Additional CLI (L3, DHCP, DNS, Static)

Hey! Welcome to the latest WiFi Ninjas blog! Today we’ll show you how to do three things: Register your Juniper switch to the Mist dashboard Configure switch basics using...

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WN Blog 030 – USB Network Adapter on VMware ESXi (tested on NUC 10)

Welcome to our latest blog! If you’re like me and want to have most compact, cold, silent and energy efficient ESXi server at home, you probably looked at Intel...

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WN Video 025 – Rode NTG8 Microphone Review

Have you ever wondered if getting a shotgun mic is a good idea for your home studio / podcasting needs? Wonder no more and see for yourself!

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WN Video 024 – Mist AP12

Hey, In this video I take a quick look at the size & the specs of one of the latest model APs from Mist called the AP12. This AP...

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