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WN Podcast 056 – Kubicon.io Wireless Sensor

If you like sleek, fast, lightweight and bullocks-free products, you will love Kubicon.io Wireless Sensors! They are just that. Sleek, easy & delightful. Thank you Marko and Nikola! Check them out at https://kubicon.io!

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WN Podcast 055 – Wiflex WiFi Onboarder with Jonas Dekkers

How much do you like splashpages or asking users to install apps to connect to your WiFi? Forget all that 1980s stuff and take a look at your sleek alternatives! Listen to Jonas Dekkers introducing Wiflex – easy onboarding...

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WN Video 015 – The Forgotten Feature in Ekahau

Hey! In this short video I talk to you about a really nice feature inside of Ekahau that I often forget about! I show you what it is, how you use & why it can come in handy!

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WN Podcast 054 – Podcasting & WFH Setup – Part 2

Curious how different mics sound? Do you need a condenser, dynamic, shotgun, broadcasting or a studio mic? How does light affect image quality? Is it worth investing more in better lens & cam? Do you need acoustic treatment of...

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WN Video 011 – AccelTex Accelerator Battery Pack 2.0

In this video we give our honest review and feedback of the AccelTex Accelerator Battery Pack 2.0. A piece of kit any WiFi Engineer that does APoS surveys should strongly consider adding to their tool kit!

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WN Video 009 – Matt’s Number one Ekahau Tip

In this video we share with you our number 1 Ekahau tip 🙂  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkmIjccz8pg

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WN Video 007 – WiFi Explorer Pro

https://youtu.be/402rJcCR9oM In this video Matt from WiFi Ninjas takes you through the amazing piece of software from Adrian Granados – WiFi Explorer Pro. Matt shows you how he has his WiFi Explorer Pro set up with his columns, what...

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WN Video 006 – Ekahau Pro

In this video Matt from WiFi Ninjas gives you a brief overview of one of his favourite WiFi tools – Ekahau Pro. He takes a look at the WiFi data on his MacBook that he collected on the Ekahau...

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WN Podcast 046 – Audio and Video Podcasting Setup with CTS

Hey! Welcome to our latest WiFi Ninjas podcast, where we are joining forces with Rowell and Francois from Clear To Send podcast discussing our AV setups. Should you keep it simple or spend your life savings getting the equipment?...

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