WN Podcast 008 – Ekahau Connect with Jussi Kiviniemi

Welcome to our new WiFi Ninjas Podcast episode! We know that this is not our usual day for posting but we wanted to get this out to you guys ASAP!

This is a special episode to discuss some real juicy changes that are coming to Ekahau and their Sidekicks. On the show today we are joined by Jussi Kiviniemi – plus a small feature from a couple more of the Ekahau guys – Teemu Pulkkinen & Jarno Leppänen.

Our minds are blown and we think yours will be as well 😉

So what’s new?

  • Completely re-written user interface
    • 428% faster!
    • Familiar feel… yet a lot of things have changed.
    • Can name simulated APs and keep model number on APs
    • Can change type of multiple APs now at the same time
  • 802.11ax
    • Planning (Cisco C911x, Aruba 515, Aerohive,..)
    • Site surveys (using sidekick)
  • Interferer classification
    • RTFM
    • On the map
    • 7-8 devices to start with
    • Interferer impact
  • All sidekicks ever sold:
    • Have 128gb storage unlocked
    • Interference detection
    • 802.11ax site surveys
    • Software upgrade only required
  • Ekahau rebranded naming convention and features
    • Ekahau Connect
  • Ekahau site survey – Ekahau Pro
    • Flagship Wi-Fi tool for Wi-Fi planning, site surveys, optimization, reporting etc..
  • Ekahau Sidekick
    • The #1 Wi-Fi Diagnostics hardware, works with Ekahau Pro, Survey and Capture
  • Ekahau Survey for iPad
    • The simple yet 100% professional on-site survey tool.
  • Ekahau Cloud
    • Safe and secure collaboration, automatic project saving and convenience.
  • Ekahau Capture
    • Wi-Fi packet capture tool for capturing the hairiest situations.
    • Can capture on 2 channels
    • Can set channel dwell time
    • Exports PCAP to your desktop

Thanks for listening and please don’t hesitate to leave a comment, feedback, subscribe, tell your friend, family or just follow us on social media 🙂 

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