WN Blog 033 – WiFi Ninjas Join Ekahau

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Well, what can we say now that the cat is finally out the bag – other than we are so damn freaking excited!

When we were first contacted about the possibility of joining the Ekahau team – first of all we were extremely flattered to be considered but most of all just blown away as this really is a dream come true Job for us both.

Ekahau is the reason why I fell in love working in WiFi – I started my WiFi career working in a support team which don’t get me wrong I did enjoy but it wasn’t until I moved into a WiFi engineer role where I started to use Ekahau day in & day out that I really fell in love with WiFi & it was solely because I just loved everything about working on the Ekahau products. (Which I still do to this day)

So how could we turn down this opportunity? Well we couldn’t & that is why we are both absolutely delighted to be joining the Ekahau team!

What are we most excited about? Well pretty much everything but here are a few of the key things we can’t wait to get our teeth into.

Getting to know & work more closely with the amazing Ekahau team & hopefully will be able to use our knowledge + experience to add some value to the products.

Officially representing Ekahau on the webinars & at the WiFi conferences – everyone knew that we have always been team Ekahau but now it is official 😀

ECSE – we both absolutely love training, helping students get to know WiFi better + the Ekahau tools so that they can further their careers as WiFi professionals is so rewarding. We want to continue to do that & if it is possible we want to make improvements / updates to ECSE to include the latest features + products from Ekahau – as well as all the latest & greatest regarding what is new in WiFi (WiFi 6, WiFi 6e & 6GHz etc)

Getting even closer to the WiFi community – we feel that we have built up a pretty good relationship with the community through WiFi Ninjas but we feel that we can build on that even more now that we are at Ekahau. We truly believe that  there is not a nicer, more caring & happy to help community than the WiFi community. We felt so accepted & appreciated the amazing feedback from everyone which was the number 1 reason we dedicated so much of our free time to create content to try & help others – we now want to use that same motivation to build on that at Ekahau.

We totally love Ekahau’s ethos & attitude to work – work hard, build amazing products & have a good sense of humour whilst doing it. This completely fits in with our style & we really can’t wait to get started & most of all looking forward to doing anything we can to add some value to you reading this 🙂

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