Matt Starling

WN Video 024 – Mist AP12


In this video I take a quick look at the size & the specs of one of the latest model APs from Mist called the AP12.

This AP is specifically designed for the hospitality sector and you can find a link to the data sheet here:



WN Video 023 – Sit-Stand Desk Review


Slightly different kind of review from us to normal – not talking about WiFi for the first time!

In this review I am discussing my recent decision & purchase of a sit-stand desk from a company called

There is a bunch of health benefits & reasons why I wanted to swap my old non standing desk to a desk that was capable of doing both sitting & standing.

Link to the website & model:

My desk configuration:

Model – Flytta 2

Frame colour – White

Desk top colour – Nebraska Oak

Desk top size – X-Large (1.8m)

Cable management – Cable tray deluxe Switch – Programmable memory switch

Grommets – Black Matte

If you have any questions about my desk or want any more feedback then please reach out via the comments section or via our website at

This is not a sponsored post / review but the guys over a have given us a unique discount code for anyone who watches this video & wants to buy a Flytta 2 from can use NINJAS50 for £50 off.

WN Video 015 – The Forgotten Feature in Ekahau


In this short video I talk to you about a really nice feature inside of Ekahau that I often forget about!

I show you what it is, how you use & why it can come in handy!

WN Video 014 – Mic Testing the Rode NT2000 & Rodecaster Pro

Following a nice discussion on twitter regarding what mic is better – condenser or dynamic?

I thought I would do some tests of my own and share with everyone of my new audio setup in my office.

In this video I test 3 x different positions for my Rode NT2000 mic & Rodecaster pro. I switch off the live audio processing on the Rodecaster Pro so that you can clearly hear the difference.

I also turn on my Dyson fan which is next to me to generate some background noise at level 5 out of 10 – which is quite loud so we can hear (or not) if the Rode is able to cut out the noise with the HPFs (High Pass Filters)

Hope you enjoy!

WN Video 011 – AccelTex Accelerator Battery Pack 2.0

In this video we give our honest review and feedback of the AccelTex Accelerator Battery Pack 2.0.

A piece of kit any WiFi Engineer that does APoS surveys should strongly consider adding to their tool kit!

WN Video 009 – Matt’s Number one Ekahau Tip

In this video we share with you our number 1 Ekahau tip 🙂 

WN Video 007 – WiFi Explorer Pro

In this video Matt from WiFi Ninjas takes you through the amazing piece of software from Adrian Granados – WiFi Explorer Pro.

Matt shows you how he has his WiFi Explorer Pro set up with his columns, what external WiFi devices/ adapters you can plug into WiFi Explorer Pro and much more!

You can download your copy of WiFi Explorer from Adrians new website:

Matt referred to the Wireless Adjuster class from Devin Akin that he sat quite recently and learnt how to unlock and use even more features of WiFi Explorer Pro – we highly recommended this class. You can find out more about the Wireless Adjust class here:

WN Video 006 – Ekahau Pro

In this video Matt from WiFi Ninjas gives you a brief overview of one of his favourite WiFi tools – Ekahau Pro.

He takes a look at the WiFi data on his MacBook that he collected on the Ekahau App for iOS on his iPhone.

You can see how Matt use the Ekahau iOS App in this video:

You can find out more about Ekahau and their products at:

If you want to learn more about WiFi and how to use the suite of Ekahau design tools you can find out more here:

WN Video 005 – Ekahau Survey App

In this video Matt from WiFi Ninjas shows you how to use the Ekahau Survey App for iOS & the multiple ways that you can carry out a WiFi Survey using the application.

Matt also shows you the different heat map visualisations that you can see on the app and how you sync your project files with the Ekahau cloud.

Find out more about Ekahau over at their website:

WN Video 004 – Ekahau Analyser

Matt shows you one of the WiFi tools he uses when on customer sites – the Ekahau analyser app on iOS.

This WiFi tool is great for on the go troubleshooting and spectrum analysis. You can find out more about Ekahau from here:

This video was made using Ecamm Live, you can find out more about Ecamm live from our referral link:

(you don’t get money off but we will get a small commission if you use our link)