WN Blog 033 – WiFi Ninjas Join Ekahau

Well, what can we say now that the cat is finally out the bag – other than we are so damn freaking excited! When we were first contacted about the possibility of joining the Ekahau team – first of all we were extremely flattered to be considered but most of all just blown away as […]

WN Blog 029 – Setting Up MPSK on a Cisco C9800 WLC

Hey! Welcome to our latest blog, today we will be showing you how to configure a Cisco C9800 WLC to use the “MPSK” (Multi Pre Shared Key) feature. Multi-PSK feature supports multiple PSKs simultaneously on a single SSID. You can use any of the configured PSKs to join the network. This is different from the […]

WN Blog 027 – Mist Multiple PSK SSID


Hey, Welcome to our latest WiFi Ninjas blog! In this post, we will be showing just how quick and easy it is to set up an SSID with Mist and leverage their Multiple PSK feature! It took me no more than 5 minutes to get everything configured – with 3 x PSKs on the same […]

WN Blog 025 – Hidden SSIDs


Hey! Welcome to our first blog post of 2020! Happy new year to all 🙂 We wanted to kick off this year’s first blog post covering how secure is a Hidden SSID. We have been into a few customer environments recently where they were hiding some of their SSIDs as they believed this was more […]

WN Blog 024 – RF Math

RF Math Featured

Hey! Welcome to our latest blog – this time we are taking it back to some RF fundamentals and more specific – RF Math! Since we started our Podcast & Blog, we have had requests from people to cover beginner level WiFi basics, which we will be doing with a series of blogs & podcasts […]

WN Blog 021 – Getting Started with Python Coding


Hey! Welcome to our very first blog on our journey to learn some coding. I decided it was finally time to stop burying my head in the sand & to make a start with taking a dive into the world of coding. This is my very first time trying to properly understand what is required […]

WN Blog 018 – WiFi Design Day 2019 Experience


Hey! I have just recently attended the Ekahau & Open Reality WiFi Design Day 2019 at the ICC in Birmingham and thought I would do a blog post to summarise my experience and thoughts. This was my 3rd year in a row attending from the 1st one back in 2017 at the Churchill War Rooms, […]

WN Blog 017 – Cisco Catalyst 9800 – Local Web Auth Configuration Guide

Hey! Welcome to another one of our Cisco C9800 configuration blogs! This time we will be covering Local Web Authentication (LWA), where guest sessions are managed by the WLC itself. We can authenticate against RADIUS, TACACS, LDAP or local WLC Guest Users database. In this guide we will use local WLC Guest Users. As I […]

WN Blog 016 – WiFi Tools

WiFi Tools Featured

Hey! I am putting this blog together to cover some of the wireless tools that we use or are highly recommended in the wireless community. Many of you might already be aware of some of the tools in this blog but there might be some in here that you have not come across before that […]