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WN Podcast 039 – 7Signal Sensors with Jim Vajda

Welcome the latest WiFi Ninjas Podcast episode! Today we have a pleasure of discussing network sensors from 7Signal with Jim Vajda! 7Signal has two flavours of wireless sensors – hardware (Sapphire Eye) and software that can run on almost...

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WN Blog 016 – WiFi Tools

Hey! I am putting this blog together to cover some of the wireless tools that we use or are highly recommended in the wireless community. Many of you might already be aware of some of the tools in this...

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WN Blog 008 – How to Change Cisco CMX GUI “admin” Password

Does this look familiar? Sometimes we forget a password, sometimes it’s set by someone else and they forgot it, left company or are just evil and won’t tell us 😉 Assuming you still have access to  SSH, VMware console...

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WN Podcast 008 – Ekahau Connect with Jussi Kiviniemi

Welcome to our new WiFi Ninjas Podcast episode! We know that this is not our usual day for posting but we wanted to get this out to you guys ASAP! This is a special episode to discuss some real...

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WN Podcast 002 – Wireless Professional Tools

Hello and welcome to our second WiFi Ninjas Podcast episode 🙂 Today we’re going to discuss wireless professional tools that we use everyday to deliver our work while having some proper fun while doing it. Mac has moved to...

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