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WN Podcast 046 – Audio and Video Podcasting Setup with CTS


Welcome to our latest WiFi Ninjas podcast, where we are joining forces with Rowell and Francois from Clear To Send podcast discussing our AV setups. Should you keep it simple or spend your life savings getting the equipment? XLR or USB? Webcam or DSLR or mirrorless? Tune in to learn more!

Here is what we have discussed:

1 – Podcasting Audio Equipment

   – Microphone

   – Types of microphones

   – How to connect them to a computer

   – Mixer

   – Headphones & Headsets

   – Reduce ambient noise

   – Reduce echo

2 – Podcasting Video Equipment

    – Camera / Webcam

    – Connect DSLR to computer

    – Lenses

    – Powering up a camera

    – Camera heat mgmt

    – How to make it look good

    – Lightning

    – Background

3 – Podcasting Accessories

    – Stands & arms

    – Function buttons (ex. Stream Deck) & automation (ex. Google Home)

4 – Podcast Recording

   – Recording local

   – Recording on a recorder

   – Recording on a mixer

   – Recording directly on computer via software

   – Recording over the internet

   – Post-production

Tons of love,

WiFi Ninjas


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With tons of love x,

WiFi Ninjas