Andrew Vonnagy

WN Podcast 057 – Celona Microslicing with Andrew VonNagy and Mehmet Yavuz

We are delighted to have Andrew and Mehmet from Celona here to talk about their new cool feature called ‘Microslicing’. It feels like a QoS on steroids but unlike traditional QoS it’s amazingly easy to deploy within your Celona overlay. See by yourself!

Useful links if you want to learn more:


WN Podcast 047 – CBRS & Private LTE 4G/5G with Andrew VonNagy


Welcome to our latest WiFi Ninjas Podcast – In this episode we discuss CBRS & Private LTE 4G/5G with Andrew VonNagy from Celona.

Also Andrew gives us a demo towards the end of the video so stay tuned!


  • What is CBRS and Private LTE / 5G?
  • Technical overview
  • Technical Benefits Use Cases
  • Device Ecosystem
  • Celona Solution Overview
  • Celona Solution Demo
  • Web based network planner demo
  • Web browser mgmt.
  • Interface demo
  • A recorded video showing video performance metrics with and without QoS on private LTE

Tons of love

WiFi Ninjas x