WN Podcast 073 – Accessing WiFi Medium aka ‘The Game’

Understanding how your WiFi devices access wireless medium is absolutely imperative to get the subtleties of WiFi devices’ coexistence, truly understand the contention, impact of CCI, bad design and more! Today we talk about ‘The Game’, also called DCF or CSMA/CA 🙂

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One Response

  1. Great episode as always. I have been on CWNA journey for a few years and this stuff is just starting to make sense. I was hoping though to understand a few things. E.g how can a transmitting STA know the exact transmission duration (in microseconds) in order to populate the Duration ID? What if they lie/cheat? Or are incorrect? And also, is there some central sync (clock) to which all of this runs? What if STA 1 has a faster clock than STA 2? How do they coordinate the countdown timers, if at all?
    Finally, more EDCA is worthy of discussion because it builds on what you guys explained so nicely but gives us hope and answer to how wifi can be so fast and efficient. Eg TXOP and Block ACK etc. The WMM spec from 2005 is ancient. We should talk about Tuning (Fastlane in Cisco WLC) too and also advocate its use.
    Thanks guys !

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