WN Podcast 059 – Warehouse Network Design & Implementation – Success Story with Europa & Natilik

Listen to our latest podcast, where we discuss how Natilik helped designing & implementing a new network for a massive warehouse with James Tuck from Europa. We present both sides of the story – ours (techies) and client’s. Enjoy!


Here what we have discussed:

  • Europa Intro
    • Who is Europa
    • Who are you
  • Network expectations & success criteria
    • WiFi requirements
      • Coverage (where)
      • Capacity (load, apps)
      • Devices (design optimised for)
    • Wired requirements
      • SDA, assurance, underlying network, security
  • WiFi Design Process
    • Main Warehouse Area
    • Mezz
    • Office
  • Challenges
  • What was put in
    • APs
    • Antennas
    • WLCs
    • Wired & Security
  • Performance in the real world
  • Project lifecycle
    • Stages of deployment
    • People involved


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