WN Podcast 052 – Mist/Juniper Additional CLI Commands, API and Junos Navigation with Rikard Hjelm


You have configured your smashing new @Juniper switch via @Mist Dash and assuming you are properly nerdy (we know you are), you probably want your switch to do even more! For features not yet implemented in the dash you need to revert to CLI or API. What is the best way of doing it? Listen to @Rikard talking us through that magic.

Let’s dive right in!


ThisĀ is what we have discussed:

  • Quick recap about Juniper switches integration with Mist
  • Switch managed by Mist, basics configured. What do I do if I need more functionality on the switch?
  • CLI?
    • Can I configure basics (templates, VLANs, ports, switch name, etc.) via Mist and then add more config via CLI?
    • Or I just unmanage switch on Mist and go 100% CLI?
  • Mist Dash ‘Additional CLI Commands’ window?
    • Perhaps a better idea for Mist managed switches?
    • Syntax?
    • Best way of doing it?
      • Check the commands in CLI first (commit check, rollback) and then add commands in Mist?
    • Can I use multiple templates so I could have different ‘blocks of CLI commands’ in different ‘Additional CLI Commands’ windows?
  • API?
    • How do I use it with Mist managed switch?
    • Through Mist Dash?
    • Adding more switch functionality available via API?
  • Can I / should I ‘mix and match’ different configuration methods for Mist managed switches?
    • Example: configure basics via Mist GUI, add some static CLI config via SSH and finally make some changes using API
  • Saving config in JunOS
    • ‘commit confirm’
      • Fail safe
      • Mist uses it with JunOS
    • ‘commit’
    • ‘commit and exit’, etc.
  • Configuration Groups in JunOS
    • Mist uses it with JunOS whenever practical
    • Benefits
    • Use cases
  • Config Views in JunOS
    • Inheritance
    • Inheritance no-comments
    • Display set
  • Advanced navigation in JunOS CLI
    • When would be benefit from it for Mist managed switches?
    • Do I still need CLI access on Mist managed switch?
    • Piping
    • Include, exclude, etc.

Tons of love,

WiFi Ninjas xxx

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