WN Podcast 040 -WLA Pod-A-Thon UWB RTLS COVID-19 Fundraiser

Welcome the latest WiFi Ninjas Podcast episode!

We have recently had a pleasure to participate in a crazy 13h COVID-19 Fundraiser Wireless LAN Association live stream delivered by our great friends from the WiFi industry.

The target was to raise a £1000 and we have collectively raised almost £3400 so far. Thank you all for donating and if you haven’t done it yet and would like to contribute, you can still do it here.

During our 1h slot, we have discussed RTLS basics with a heavy focus on Ultra Wideband (UWB). 

We are referring to the photos or videos quite frequently, so we’ve included our presentation that can be downloaded here.


Tons of love x,

WiFi Ninjas

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