WN Podcast 029 – RTLS with Bob Friday

Welcome to our new WiFi Ninjas Podcast episode!

Today we discuss indoor RTLS with an industry legend Bob Friday. Enjoy!

  • What friction / hurdles are stopping indoor location from becoming a must have
  • Mist implementation of indoor RTLS using BLE
  • RF design for Mist BLE
  • Mist BLE vs competition
  • Mobile stations with app vs without app
  • Assets tracking
  • Is there still a place for BLE beacons
  • Location API – integration examples
  • Mobile SDK – integration examples
  • Apple’s adoption of UWB in the latest iPhones and what that means for the industry
  • Who are the early adopters of RTLS
  • As major market disruptors, who are you targeting?

Tons of love x,

WiFi Ninjas

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