WN Podcast 024 – Mist Tech Talk with Phil Keeley – Part 2

Welcome to our new WiFi Ninjas Podcast episode!

We really wanted to do a tech deep dive into Mist Systems for a good few months now. Phil Keeley made it happen for us and we are eternally grateful for Phil sharing his Mist knowledge and experience with us! Here is what we have discussed:

  • Intro into Mist
  • WiFi
    • What’s available – proper WiFi 6?
    • How is it different
    • Assurance and Monitoring
      • Machine learning
      • Use Dash or API?
    • AI-Driven RRM?
    • Dynamic Captures
    • Guest WiFi
      • Local
      • Guest ethernet port – what is it?
      • Centralised – how?
      • Splash pages – what options do we have?
      • Integration with RADIUS?
    • Corp and BYOD
      • Integration with RADIUS?
      • Integration with MDM platforms?
      • Sync with AD in the cloud?
    • Policing
      • Answer to TrustSec?
      • What happens to VLANs and ACLs?
  • Marvis
    • How can we interact with Marvis?
    • Tshooting – can we trust Marvis to resolve issues automatically?
    • Anomalies and root causes
    • Data correlation – affected devices, causes, frequency etc.
  • vBLE
    • Mist implementation of vBLE
      • Overview
      • General RF design for vBLE RTLS
      • WiFi + BLE vs BLE only – scalability and savings?
    • How is it different from WiFi (AoA)?
    • Blue dot and wayfinding – where do we get apps from?
    • What do we need to engage with clients?
      • Examples: coupons, notifications, targeted marketing
    • Do we really need those apps?
      • Assets visibility
    • Location API – what can we achieve?
    • Mobile SDK – what can we achieve?
  • Integration with Juniper
    • Switches
    • Firewalls
    • Anything else?
  • Licensing
  • Support

With tons of love x,

WiFi Ninjas

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