WN Podcast 007 – Post-Deployment Survey – 4P Part 3

Welcome to our fresh & hot, new WiFi Ninjas Podcast episode πŸ™‚

Matt has spent last few weeks on site working on projects every single day and he’s working from home today on a design for the first time in ages.

Mac is still on site in Dublin and he has hijacked client’s meeting room recording this podcast on the new WiFi he’s just put in.

Busy times! But no challenge, no fun. We take it all with a massive smile on our faces as we enjoy it as f….resh cup of coffee in the morning.

Here is what we have discussed:

  • What is a Post-Deployment Survey?
    • RF design validation
    • APs & Antennas installation validation
    • RSSI & SNR validation
    • Channel overlapping validation
    • Spectrum utilisation and interference validation
    • RF configuration validation – channels, Tx, rates
  • Why is it important to do it?
    • Important to always do it, no matter the vertical nor how big or small the deployment is. Clients have general tendency to push back on doing post-deployment survey to save costs
    • Encourage more tests with client devices against success criteria – i.e. test roaming speed with all types of corporate devices while on a call in wireless first voice optimised deployment etc.
    • Capturing as-is condition of a wireless network / documentation
    • Perfect opportunity to make final RF adjustments and ensure new wireless deployment is performing optimally.
  • Post-Deployment Survey Tools
    • Ekahau / Sidekick
    • See episode 2 for more info
  • Pre-Reqs:
    • Completed new deployment
    • At least 24 hours after the deployment to allow for RRM to settle
  • How do you perform Post-Deployment Survey?
    • Prepared survey plans, scale them, etc.
    • No need for drawing walls, but need to define areas and success criteria
    • Standard passive or hybrid survey
    • Office full of users, under normal load, in hours
    • On-site and off-site documentation

Thanks for listening and please don’t hesitate to leave a comment, feedback, subscribe or follow us on social media πŸ™‚

High five!

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