WN Podcast 003 – Predictive Survey – 4P Part 1

Hello and welcome to our third WiFi Ninjas Podcast episode 🙂

Today we’re going to discuss one of our 4 Ps – Predictive Wireless Survey!

Mac has just moved to Boughton (outskirts of Northampton) and has some wireless coverage issues at home due to BT box sitting 2 floors below the home office. Sorry for the lower than expected quality while the home production network is being looked at 🙂

Situation should improve in two weeks! Thankfully Matt is sounding as great as ever so we hope it will help with positive reception of this recording :]

Structure of today’s episode:

  • Predictive Wireless Survey – What is a Predicative Wireless Survey?
  • RF Design & Simulation
  • What tools do you use to complete this type of survey

What questions should you be thinking about?

  • How many APs and where?
  • What Power and Channels?
  • What APs and Antennas?

On-Site element part to the survey

  • RF Spectrum Analysis – duty cycle and interferers,
  • DFS Check – radar activity potentially affecting 5GHz band,
  • Visual Site Inspection – APs/antennas mounting limitations,
  • Attenuation of Walls and Ceilings – understand wireless propagation.

Off-Site element part to the survey

  • Use data captured on-site to build an Ekahau model of the premise and predict post-deployment RF parameters such as coverage, interference, SNR, channel overlapping, capacity health, data rate, roaming, throughput, redundancy and more.
  • Then use Ekahau reporting to build a beautiful report to provide all this information back to the customer and the cablers!

Thanks for listening and please don’t hesitate to leave a comment, feedback, subscribe or follow us on social media. Cheers!

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