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WN Podcast 040 -WLA Pod-A-Thon UWB RTLS COVID-19 Fundraiser

Welcome the latest WiFi Ninjas Podcast episode! We have recently had a pleasure to participate in a crazy 13h COVID-19 Fundraiser Wireless LAN Association live stream delivered by our great friends from the WiFi industry. The target was to...

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WN Podcast 037 – Meet the Community – Kristian, Jon and Dave

Welcome to the latest WiFi Ninjas Podcast episode! Since we can’t meet in person due to Coronavirus, we thought it would be amazing to e-meet the WiFi Community experts, talk WiFi and see how they deal with the lockdown....

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WN Podcast 035 – Meet the Community – Ryan, Matt & Peter

Welcome the latest WiFi Ninjas Podcast episode! People are like fish in more than one way. Not only we like to drink, but we are also group animals. Since we can’t meet in person due to Coronavirus, we thought...

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WN Podcast 033 – WLA with Peter MacKenzie and Alan Blake

Welcome to our new WiFi Ninjas Podcast episode! Today we talk about Wireless LAN Association (WLA) with our beloved Magician Peter ‘Sniffer’ MacKenzie and amazing Alan ‘Bad Boy of WiFi’ Blake. As a President and a VP of WLA...

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WN Blog 018 – WiFi Design Day 2019 Experience

Hey! I have just recently attended the Ekahau & Open Reality WiFi Design Day 2019 at the ICC in Birmingham and thought I would do a blog post to summarise my experience and thoughts. This was my 3rd year...

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WN Podcast 022 – Best of #WLPC Prague 2019 with CTS and Banters!

Listen to our joint podcast with Clear-to-Send and Wireless Banter Show, where we go behind and in front of the scenes at #WLPC EU 2019 in Prague! Thanks @Matt @Rowell @Francois @Jussi @Jerry @Joel @Keith @Peter @Gjermund @Andrew and...

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WN Blog 005 – WiFi Ninjas WiFi 6 Network Nomads Meetup

Hey ho! We’ve recently hosted WiFi 6 Network Nomads Event in London at Natilik DSQ, where we discussed real world of WiFi 6 operations, enhancements and testing! Trying to focus on what’s practical and important without sounding like a...

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