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WN Podcast 049 – Jussi Introduces Four New Mist APs


What’s up guys, we hope you’re smashingly good 😉

Do you recall Mist adding support for Juniper switches? Or that you can drag and drop Ekahau file directly into Dash? Advertise AP names so they can be easily ‘spottable’ in scanning tools? In case it’s not enough, we are delighted to add that Mist has also released 4 new AP models! Please welcome AP12, AP32, AP33 and AP63 and listen to legendary @Jussi to find out more.

Here is the summary of what these APs are:

  • AP12: Wall-plate AP rethought. 
  • AP33: little sister of the flagship AP43 
  • AP32: just like 33 but without BLE array (still has BLE tho) 
  • AP63: ax for outdoor. Smaller than the one it replaces.

Take care and see you back in two weeks!

Tons of love,

WiFi Ninjas xx

WN Podcast 048 – Apple Talk with Dan Jones


Welcome to our latest WiFi Ninjas podcast where we talk all things Apple with Dan Jones. 

In this episode we discuss both the Ninjas transitioning away from being Windows users to being fully MacOS. Dan helped with getting us set up – tricks, tips & what best apps to use. 

So we thought we would get him on the show and discuss all of these to share with you 🙂 

Hope you enjoy! 

Tons of love, 

WiFi Ninjas


WN Podcast 047 – CBRS & Private LTE 4G/5G with Andrew VonNagy


Welcome to our latest WiFi Ninjas Podcast – In this episode we discuss CBRS & Private LTE 4G/5G with Andrew VonNagy from Celona.

Also Andrew gives us a demo towards the end of the video so stay tuned!


  • What is CBRS and Private LTE / 5G?
  • Technical overview
  • Technical Benefits Use Cases
  • Device Ecosystem
  • Celona Solution Overview
  • Celona Solution Demo
  • Web based network planner demo
  • Web browser mgmt.
  • Interface demo
  • A recorded video showing video performance metrics with and without QoS on private LTE

Tons of love

WiFi Ninjas x

WN Podcast 046 – Audio and Video Podcasting Setup with CTS


Welcome to our latest WiFi Ninjas podcast, where we are joining forces with Rowell and Francois from Clear To Send podcast discussing our AV setups. Should you keep it simple or spend your life savings getting the equipment? XLR or USB? Webcam or DSLR or mirrorless? Tune in to learn more!

Here is what we have discussed:

1 – Podcasting Audio Equipment

   – Microphone

   – Types of microphones

   – How to connect them to a computer

   – Mixer

   – Headphones & Headsets

   – Reduce ambient noise

   – Reduce echo

2 – Podcasting Video Equipment

    – Camera / Webcam

    – Connect DSLR to computer

    – Lenses

    – Powering up a camera

    – Camera heat mgmt

    – How to make it look good

    – Lightning

    – Background

3 – Podcasting Accessories

    – Stands & arms

    – Function buttons (ex. Stream Deck) & automation (ex. Google Home)

4 – Podcast Recording

   – Recording local

   – Recording on a recorder

   – Recording on a mixer

   – Recording directly on computer via software

   – Recording over the internet

   – Post-production

Tons of love,

WiFi Ninjas


WN Podcast 045 – WiFi 6e and Future of WiFi with Gabe Desjardins from Broadcom

Welcome to the latest WiFi Ninjas Podcast!

Today we have a pleasure discussing WiFi 6e and future of WiFi with Gabe Desjardins, Director of Product Marketing, Wireless Connectivity Division at Broadcom.

Here is what we have discussed:

  • 6GHz Spectrum & Channels 
    • US = 1200MHz of additional spectrum
      • 59 x 20MHz channels
      • 29 x 40MHz channels
      • 14 x 80MHz channels
      • 7 x 160MHz channels
    • EU = 500Mhz of additional spectrum
      • 24 x 20MHz channels
      • 12 x 40MHz channels
      • 6 x 80MHz channels
      • 3 x 160MHz channels
    • Issues with the SNR and 160?
    • Why are the EU getting less than half the US? 
    • Broadcom have been advocating 160MHz channels. Is this really a viable option? 
    • More channels = more time to scan the channels = could lead to problems for devices to roam, how will this work? Will we scan 100 channels? 
    • Channel numbering scheme? Starting at 1 again in 6GHz (8-bit field 59 x channels barely fits the 8-bit field)
  • What else operate in the 6GHz frequency band? 
    • Any DFS? 
    • TV & Radio?
    • Emergency Services / Public safety? (UNII6 & UNII8) 
  • Indoor and outdoor power constraints? 
    • Low power indoor (27dBm in 160MHz channels, 24dBm in 80Mhz channel) permitted across whole 6GHz band. 
    • Constant EIRP of 30dBm – so even if we double the channel width we keep the same SNR.
    • 5dBm per MHz?
      • No longer lose SNR when we bond channels together
      • Power is independent of the bandwidth (PSD) – ensures the same net EIRP
    • Fixed indoor AP
    • Outdoor mobile AP (Phones & Cars etc) 
    • Very low power (14dBm EIRP) (AR & VR) (In car AP, game controllers)  
  • 6GHz Chipsets & Radios 
    • APs – Multi-bands
      • Tri radio APs? 2.4 + 5 + 6?
      • Quad radio APs? 
    • Will we have antennas that sit natively at the bottom end of 6GHz and can also access the upper channels in 5?
    • When are we likely to see APs & clients with 6GHz chipsets in them?
    • Broadcom launches world’s first WiFi 6E 6GHz chips (Jan 2020)
      • Intended for enterprise APs and residential networks
      • 4×4 dual band 160MHz support
      • 2×2 tri-band
      • 2×2 dual-band with ARM CPU
    • 15 billion WiFi devices that are currently on the market that are not 6GHz capable 
    • Timeline for 6GHz client penetration prediction? 
  • Access/ Edge Switches
    • Currently 1Gbps & 30Watt PoE on average
    • With all this additional spectrum and radio chains their will be new PoE & bandwidth requirements for access switches. What do you think these are realistically likely to be? 
  • WiFi 7
    • 320MHz wide channels? (would be only 3 x non overlapping)
    • What speed would that potentially give us?
    • Even more consideration for PoE budget & bandwidth for access switches.
    • Do you think it’s a good idea to add 802.11ax into 6GHz or have IEEE missed an opportunity to redefine the 802.11 protocol within a brand new spectrum that doesn’t have any backward compatibility to deal with?

Thanks a and tons of love!

WiFi Ninjas xx

WN Podcast 044 – Mist Wired Assurance and Juniper EX Switches Automation

Listen to the latest WiFi Ninjas podcast episode 44, where we are totally privileged to have Jussi and Abhi from Mist as our honoured guests, discussing Mist Wired Assurance and Juniper EX Switches Automation.

We have Jussi on the show for the 4th time probably? Does it make him a WiFi Ninja #3? 😀

Here is what we have discussed:

  • Quick Mist recap – wireless roots
  • Mist & Juniper – filling gaps
  • Mist focus on intelligence (dash, API, machine learning, AI elements, BLE RTLS)
  • Juniper focus on top quality hardware and traditional software
  • Mistifying Juniper – basic switches integration done – why is it so cool?
  • Management of wireless and wired – dash, API, CLI?
  • Troubleshooting and assurance – both wired and wireless in the same place?
  • Pre-reqs to run Juniper / Mist wireless and wired network – any on premise equipment?
  • Management and users data – any concerns about data security with cloud managed systems?
  • Licensing of the new switches – can be combined with simple wireless licensing?
  • Software updates – mandatory and pushed from the cloud?
  • Scalability, templates
  • What’s next?

Tons of love,

WiFi Ninjas xx

WN Podcast 043 – WiFi Tools by Adrian Granados

Welcome to the latest WiFi Ninjas podcast!

Today we have a total pleasure to speak with a legendary developer, creator of the WiFi Explorer Pro and many other mind blasting MacOS tools, Adrian Granados!

You can download WiFi Explorer Pro from clicking here

Tons of love, 

WiFi Ninjas xxx

WN Podcast 042 – Meet the Community – Dan, Paul and Chris

Welcome to the latest WiFi Ninjas Podcast episode! 

Since we can’t meet in person due to Coronavirus, we thought it would be amazing to e-meet the WiFi Community experts, talk WiFi and see how they deal with the lockdown.

Today we speak with Dan Jones, Paul Whitehead and Chris Ames in this thirs community-centric podcast episode.


Tons of love x,

WiFi Ninjas

WN Podcast 041 – Wireless Adjuster with Devin Akin

Welcome the latest WiFi Ninjas Podcast episode!

We have recently attended Devin’s virtual Wireless Adjuster class and absolutely loved it!

Content, delivery and technical depth are top notch. We both feel the WA bridges the gap between CWNA and CWAP perfectly and it is exactly what was needed on the market.

If you are worried that using ‘just’ WiFi analysers is ‘too easy’, worry not! This course is perfect for everyone on every level from CWNA to CWNE and beyond. Tips & tricks are so great, we are still excited about it even few weeks after attending the class.

We never imagined it was possible to use WiFi Explorer Pro or WinFi that efficiently and for so many scenarios.

Can’t recommend WA with Devin enough! We’re sure you’ll love it as much as we did. Every freaking second of it. Did we mention amazing labs? Arrrrggh, getting overexcited.

Listen to the show, with Devin as our very honoured guest, get pumped up and book your sit in the class. It’s worth it.

You can download WiFi Explorer Pro from clicking here


Tons of love x,

WiFi Ninjas

WN Podcast 040 -WLA Pod-A-Thon UWB RTLS COVID-19 Fundraiser

Welcome the latest WiFi Ninjas Podcast episode!

We have recently had a pleasure to participate in a crazy 13h COVID-19 Fundraiser Wireless LAN Association live stream delivered by our great friends from the WiFi industry.

The target was to raise a £1000 and we have collectively raised almost £3400 so far. Thank you all for donating and if you haven’t done it yet and would like to contribute, you can still do it here.

During our 1h slot, we have discussed RTLS basics with a heavy focus on Ultra Wideband (UWB). 

We are referring to the photos or videos quite frequently, so we’ve included our presentation that can be downloaded here.


Tons of love x,

WiFi Ninjas