WiFi Ninjas

WN Podcast 065 – MAC Randomisation with Jim Palmer

MAC Randomisation in WiFi – how is it going to affect you? Listen to Jim Palmer sharing his expertise and experience about MAC randomisation and learn how to prepare your network for this change!

WN Podcast 064 – Kontakt.io IoT & RTLS with Philipp von Gilsa

Existing WiFi infra? Check. BLE? Check. Infrared? Check. Heat signatures cameras? Of course. Environmental sensors? Hell yeah. Empower your existing WiFi infra with Kontakt.io or use it on its own! Listen to Philipp von Gilsa discussing all things Kontakt.io!

WN Podcast 063 – Power of Location with Neil Salem from NESA

You have a blue dot on the map. What’s next? Neil talks about his sleek, powerful and vendor agnostic cloud app – NESA – allowing you to set custom location-based policies in a way you’ve never seen before!

WN Podcast 062 – Life of Cisco TAC with Nicolas Darchis

[PODCAST] Curious to know more about what’s happening behind the scenes of a Cisco TAC team? Listen to the stories of a WiFi TAC legend – Nicolas Darchis! 🙂

WN Podcast 061 – JNCIS Mist AI Course – Behind the Scenes with Jussi and Peter

Wondering what it takes to create a legendary course? Jussi Kiviniemi and Peter Mackenzie show us how it’s done!

WN Podcast 060 – Passive vs Active Site Survey

Passive vs Active survey – what’s the difference & what should I do?

WN Podcast 059 – Warehouse Network Design & Implementation – Success Story with Europa & Natilik

Listen to our latest podcast, where we discuss how Natilik helped designing & implementing a new network for a massive warehouse with James Tuck from Europa. We present both sides of the story – ours (techies) and client’s. Enjoy!

Here what we have discussed:

  • Europa Intro
    • Who is Europa
    • Who are you
  • Network expectations & success criteria
    • WiFi requirements
      • Coverage (where)
      • Capacity (load, apps)
      • Devices (design optimised for)
    • Wired requirements
      • SDA, assurance, underlying network, security
  • WiFi Design Process
    • Main Warehouse Area
    • Mezz
    • Office
  • Challenges
  • What was put in
    • APs
    • Antennas
    • WLCs
    • Wired & Security
  • Performance in the real world
  • Project lifecycle
    • Stages of deployment
    • People involved


WN Podcast 058 – RFID RTLS with Litum

Did you think RFID RTLS is dead? It’s certainly not! Today we have a pleasure discussing RFID RTLS with Özgür Ülkü – co-founder of Litum – a global company specialising in UWB and RFID RTLS based in Turkey. Enjoy!

WN Podcast 057 – Celona Microslicing with Andrew VonNagy and Mehmet Yavuz

We are delighted to have Andrew and Mehmet from Celona here to talk about their new cool feature called ‘Microslicing’. It feels like a QoS on steroids but unlike traditional QoS it’s amazingly easy to deploy within your Celona overlay. See by yourself!

Useful links if you want to learn more:




WN Podcast 056 – Kubicon.io Wireless Sensor

If you like sleek, fast, lightweight and bullocks-free products, you will love Kubicon.io Wireless Sensors! They are just that. Sleek, easy & delightful. Thank you Marko and Nikola!

Check them out at https://kubicon.io!