WN Podcast 050 – UWB RTLS with WISER Systems

UWB is the accuracy, precision and responsiveness king in the emerging RTLS world. The market has a lot to offer already but don’t just take our word for it. See WISER Systems UWB in action and listen to our nerdy chat with Logan Maxwell and Stephen Taylor.

2 comments on WN Podcast 050 – UWB RTLS with WISER Systems

  1. Bob says:

    Logan Rocks! Great info. Curious about the 3D tags mentioned. I also know that zones can be created and data used when tags are in and out of those zines. Great technology, great blog!

    1. Mac Deryng says:

      Logan rocks indeed! We have had a total blast talking about WISER UWB with Logan and Stephen and learned so much too. For me personally the coolest stuff is the simplicity of the design with WISER with clever anchors design and really sleek anchors self positioning that actually seems more accurate than how I would have placed them manually on a map 🙂 This is on top of mind bending accuracy, precision and responsiveness. Seriously impressed!

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