WN Podcast 027 – Channel vs Spectrum Utilisation & Ghost Frames with Ben Miller – Part 1

Welcome to our new WiFi Ninjas Podcast episode! We are mega privileged to have Ben Miller on our show today, where we’re discussing channel utilisation vs spectrum utilisation vs duty cycle, ghost frames and potential impact of setting minimum data rates too high.

Podcast frames below.

Channel Utilization

  • What is it
  • Does lower % always mean a better RF?
  • Good vs bad channel utilisation
  • Does channel bonding affect channel utilization?
  • Shall we rely on channel utilization for tshooting?

Internet’s favourite: channel utilization vs spectrum utilization vs duty cycle

  • Real Time FFT [dBm]
    • Current spectrum utilisation
  • Spectrum Utilisation [%] = FFT Duty Cycle [%]
    • Spectrum utilisation over a short time period
  • Waterfall = Swept Spectrogram
    • RF Power over time


  • Tools of choice for channel / spectrum utilisation
  • Protocol analysis

And a very helpful screenshot from Joel’s presentation!

Tons of love x,

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